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 The Tax Collectin' Boogie Machine Max surged out of the water and across the beach towards the Deathpanzer.

Ronnie laid in the firing solution for the charging VM, planning to blast it right back where it had come from. "Given up on hiding, peon? Guess I'll have to terminate you now," he gloated.

Mustard said nothing, but stowed his mecha's serrated axes on its back. A bright, scintillating flare began to build around the Boogie Machine, condensing into a bright energy sphere in the palm of its right hand.

"Terminate this!" he growled as it discharged, streaking towards the Deathpanzer.

An instant later, Ronnie's terror tank was little more than a smudge at the center of a 1000 meter fireball, slowily rising into a mushroom cloud. Glowing, golden letters appeared in the air, hovering over the TCBMM like a halo as the shockwave buffeted it.

"GAME OVER... SUCKER", they read.

"A Day at the Beach"
An arena for Virtual Mekton

This is a very simple, uncomplicated level. It has a sandy beach stretching into desert on one side, sea on the other, and the occasional mecha-size palm tree. This'll be an easy one!

The Sea:

There's lots of water here. The beach gradually shelves off into deep water, way over the head of any mecha. Aquatic Environmental Protection is appropriate, but the map ends before High Pressure is also needed. Giant crabs live in it, with 30 kills apeice, a claw attack that does 8 kills, and a bite that does 5. There are also patches of seweed and a sunken ship, all of which might contain powerups.

The Desert:

Lots of sand, lots of giant ants. they have 5 kills each, a 5 kill bite, and attack in groups of one more than the GM thinks the player can handle easily. Desert Enviro is needed here. Giant anthills can be entered and travelled down a little ways, where powerups can be found.

The Beach:

Where the ocean meets the land. Environment is moderate, meaning that those without any special Enviroment Protections can hang out here and not get killed by the arena itself. Palm trees are scattered around, a few of which have powerup coconuts.. The Infamous Bomb seems quite appropriate in this instance. Both giant ants and giant crabs can be found here, however.. sometimes fighting each other.


The giant critters are just dumb drones, the supply of which lasts as long as the GM wants. Considering the danger involved in going into either of their home enivironments to get powerups, they should probably respawn as well, as long as the critters do.

Arena created by CrystalDrogn