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Domino Death

An Arena for Virtual Mekton

Tackle the streets of our own Geocity at rush hour, and deal with your opponents as they try to stop you from delivering as many pizzas as possible before the time runs out. Shuttle from Geocity Dominoes to your hungry customers, then back for more, or just try to keep your enemies from delivering theirs.

This time out, the setting is urban jungle, with a ceiling too high to bother with and a diameter of about 10 miles/16km. In the center of the arena is Geocity Dominoes Pizzeria, around the edge are 30 evenly spaced delivery locations, underneath is the city streets and cement sidewalks. These things are indestructible. Everything else can be turned into rubble, and the more you do the more fun you have! Rather than try to give a detailed layout of the city, which would be void about .05 seconds into play anyway, I'll just describe the objects, how to kill them, and whether they shoot back.

Large Office Buildings: Near the center of town are four Large office buildings, each with three sections having 30K apiece. Shooting out the middle section will drop the top one, doing 40K damage to anything it lands on. . . can you say "Domino Death Effect"? Shooting out the bottom wil topple both higher sections, for a total of 60K damage. All collapsing buildings are effectivey wide angle:hex with a range equal to their hieght. Large office buildings are 6 hexes tall.

Medium office buildings: About eight or ten of these decorate the center of town, they have two sections, upper and lower, 30 kills each. Blowing the bottom section out from under one is great fun, as they do 40K of crushing damage to whatever they fall on. Medium office buildings are 4 hexes tall.

Small office buildings: Thse are hexes tall, have 20K per section, and do 30K when they falll on something.

Parking Garage: These are about half the hight of a small office building, cube shaped, and have 15K. They fal mostly straight down, but if you get an opponent buried under one it will do 10K damage. They, and most other city buildings, are 50 to 30 meters tall.

Misc. Smaller city building: These are the buffer zone between houses and the city proper, each having 8K and being too small to really fit a mecha into/under/etc. Three such buildings are the GTADP hangers, they have 15K aand are home to GTADP Helicopters in as great numbers as the GM wants, untill all three are rubble.

House type building: 5K, and don't even ask me about getting buried under one. The mecha are like three times as big.

Little subcompact cars: 3K. Handy as thrown weapons when ammo starts geting low, they do 3K to your opponent, plus leave an ugly scratch/smear/etc. in the paint.

Bigger delivery-type minivan things: 4K. As the suompacts, but not so subcompact.

Geocity Advanced Police Department Helicopters:
The only thing even resembling a threat besides the other players, these fly at MA6 MV -3, and have a 3K energy gun. However, they only have one kill. That's right. One. And Hot powerplants. They blow up real good, but never run out until the GTPD hangars are destroyed and don't count towards your kill/delivery count.

How it works is like this: Everyone enters the arena with a "pizza box" object and a glowing delivery location on a see-through overlaid map, at the center of the level. Their job is to get it to the "customer" as quickly as possible, then get back to the Dominoes to pick up another pizza. At the GM's discretion, Reflexes or Piloting rols could be made to keep from dropping the box during violent maneuvers. If the box is dropped, there are three options: catch it before it hits the ground (if you're in the air), Make someone else drop theirs and steal it, or go back for more. Of course, you could just go on a killing rampage, stopping your opponents, but what fun would that be? Oh, er, right. Each three buildings or one opponent destroyed counts as a delivery, the most deliveries at the end of the time limit wins. Set the time limit by whatever you think will be the most fun.

Use whatever powerups, or not, in whatever locations as your flinty little GM heart desires.

Arena created by CrystalDrogn