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The Death Star Arena
(for Star-Wars fans, yes, we will live for ever).

PHYSICAL (... virtual..:) DESCRIPTION.
This arena is heavily based in the surface of the Death Star in the first of the Star Wars films. It's a metal surface filled with tunnels and cannons, lots of mechanism. I think everybody knows the physical description so no more needed. The only important point here is that all the tunnels are connected.

The actual size is 6x6 km., but it has no limits by use of wraparound. It means that everybody exiting the game by one side will instantly appear in the opposite side, i.e., if you go 6 miles to the south you will finish in the same place that you are. It works like the old game 'Asteroids', but with the correct visual feeling so it appears to be endless.

It has a ceiling, but you can't crash with it, if you reach it, you just can go higher, you are smoothly decelerated when your near it and just can't climb higher.

The surface of the star is the opposite, just touch it, even a little bit and your a big ball of fire. What the FAA now calls a "Controlled Flight into terrain." A high speedcrash to you and me.


All the mecha enter the arena at the same time, they all have the star wars hyperspace scene played and they appear randomly in the arena, flying at MA8.

Flight is a must!. It's a dogfigthing arena, so all the VM must fly.

All the guns in the surface are active, and they will start to shot at you when you slow to less than MA 8. They skill will be 12+1d10(or 3d6) and will increase each game turn (1 point every 3 rounds usually, but it's customizable) until it reaches 20+dice.

So you must fly very fast, dodging the turrets of the surface and trying to kill all of your enemy's quickly. Why quickly?, because the ceiling is slowly going down. Every minute the combat area is smaller, and at the end it will force you to the tunnels.

Do you remind that as you are nearer to the ceiling you're slowed down?. And do you remain those cool looking guns?:).

After the surviving VM have a little of tunnel dogfight (remember that if you just touch the walls you're dead, it's the surface of the station, after all...), all the guns in the tunnels (CIDS systems) will start firing. Their skill will go up as above. Only the last one alive will win. He will be allowed to enter the Luke's tunnel and hit the flaw point, (diff. 25). If he can do it he will be rewarded with extra points and the impressive virtual-show of the Death Star explosion.


None, it's a high realistic arena.


Melee weapons are allowed, but very difficult to use unless you risk the guns.
Wheels and treads are a stupid thing.
A flight system is required (GES allowed).
Teleportation, all SMT (especially tunneling :), except for the weapon special effect.
An all the usual ones (faster than light,...)

If the players are using pilot survival for campaign purposes, or somebody as an individual wants to use them (I do), they work this way.

The pods move slowly upwards MA 2 (in addition to any normal movement ability that they have), the guns will not shot them, but any VM can. They are considered saved when they reach the ceiling (they jump to the hyperspace).

I think the Baron von Rictoffen rule applies here. (He was the Red Baron,and he wouldn't shoot at pilots who had jumped from their planes). Peoplewho shoot at ejection pods (even simulated ones) get a Big rep as a Bad Guy real fast.

Most of the values: size, station gun's damage (it would be safe to treat them with the WA, damage and BV of a CIDS or Deluxe CIDS), ceiling speed, diff number for pilot skill,etc...need playtesting to be set, so any help is welcome.

Arena created by Javier Rivera