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Virtual Mekton Stage:

For the feel of this stage, listen to "Golden Queen Galaxia," Sailor Galaxia's image song from Sailormoon Sailorstars.

Golden Darkness is the exact opposite of Flooded City. Where Flooded Cityis a slightly humorous look at everyday life, Golden Darkness is a battle arena, pure and simple. The obstacles to hide behind have a distinctly military appearance. . . some even have guns attached to them that can be controlled. Of course, some of the obstacles also have guns attached to them which are radar-guided and will fire on the first target to enter range.

Size measurement is MUCH smaller than the Flooded City. . . It's a 2 km square. I'll do obstacle layout when I have the time, okay?

The song playing isn't "Golden Queen Galaxia" but it's similar, a hard rock song with an evil-sounding female voice on the vocals.

Arena created by Mark Berger