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The Gulf
An arena for Virtual Mekton
(Flight based meks only)

Get ready to join the Third Gulf War in a support/Anti-terrorist role.

The Gulf is a large body of water bounded on three sides by a thin strip of desert and the arena boundary. Within the gulf are many oil drilling platforms, some armed, and many small naval vessels. These vessels and platforms are held by two warring factions, and will attack each other during the battle. Also, each VMek will be assigned (or choose) a side, and will be fired upon by the opposing side. Also, small points will be awarded for destroying enemy targets and penalized for destroying friendly targets.

Aside from this window dressing, this is a fairly straight fight. If the players stay high enough, anti-aircraft fire cannot hit them, but we all know at least one hot-shot pilot is going to try to lead a larger, slower enemy down low and let the ground troops take him out.

Some scenarios will have specific mission objectives that require pilots to go low. Examples include: 1) Protect the convoy, 2) Capture the Flag and 3) Destroy the command post and escape.

Not nearly as detailed as the others, but I'm still working on it.

Arena created by Geoff Heald