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The Lakes
A Virtual Mekton arena

A vast strech (about 50 square Km) of mecha-sized water pools, surrounded by sharp, impassable (period) Chinese hills (you know how they are). Many mecha-sized, too, bamboo trunks are jutting out of the water, so you can make your mecha walk over them-Piloting roll vs 10) or jump from one to other (Piloting roll vs 15). Anyway, there patchs of bamboo are small enough (2-3 hexes gruped or on line) that you'll have to jump from one to other sooner or later.

I'm sure someone's bound to recognize them :)

By the way, for some strange reason, all Fligth and Jumpjets are reduced to 1/3 normal MA.

Falling from one of these bamboos will have the effect of having your mecha drop to the bottom of one of these, 12m deep, lakes, which, by the way, are a Neutral Zone (while all the other pilots are laughing at you); as the mek rises on, it will look somewath will be a SD one, to begin with, with KWI stat randomly rolled from +5to -5 (1d10/2, Kawaii if original roll odd, Kowai if original roll even). It will look like something the GM chooses based only on his toryuous whim, too.

This patetic condition shall remain untill the mecha actually FALLS (directly jumping into the water doesn't fool anyone, much less the VM program) again into ANOTHER pool. Next time it falls into water, it will revert, and...

Not to need saying, this arena is extremelly popular.

Spetial rules:

  • If a SD mecha manages to "Kill" a no-SD one, it will fall into the water, become a SD and get Bonked -i.e., it regenerates all damage.
  • If a no-SD mecha "kills" a SD mecha, it will be Bonked -falling into the water, healing all damage, and becoming a no-SD mecha. For the moment.
  • If a SD mecha gets Bonked by another SD mecha, it will fall into the water -see above.
  • If a no-SD mecha gets killed by a no-SD mecha, it is toast.

SD mecha are allowed to enter the battle, and they retain their KWI stat, but they have to actually FALL (as above) to transform into an alternate (on this case, no-SD) form. The battle rages on until there is only one mecha left on its original form.

- the Infamous Bomb
- the Also Infamous KWI Ray
- the Sledgehammer
(a 20K, WA -2, Melee Weapon w/ SFX: 2 Turns in Use, Kinetic, Dimensional Storage)

Arena created by LITTLE LOCUS


"AAAAAA!!!! You transhydrosexual you!!!"

(Heard during a battle at the Lakes)