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The current areas open to BDM's patrons which are listed below:


This is one of BDM's largest, and most popular area's and takes up a fair amount of BDM's computer power. Representing a one LY cube of space filled with asteroids of all types and sizes. Some small enough to blast, knock away, or even used as impromtu weapons. Others being large enough to land (and fight) upon and can't be destroyied. But can be used as base camps to refuel and rearm VM units. OP tries to represent reality as much as possible. Thus all VM units playing in this area have some sort of flight along with space environmental protection and low MV's and/or some sort of M-Pool.

Activity within this area are as follows:

Hide & Go Seek: One or more units must find a item hidden amongst the asteroids either as teams or as idiviuals. Units may or may not combat each other while doing this.

Single Combat/Duel: Two units fighting each other until one-or-the other is either disabled or destroyied.

Race: Two or more units race each other. Either from one end or the arean to the other or in a preplaned circut within the area. The oponents may or may not combat each other in these races.

Capture the Flag: Teams of VM units combat each other to capture the flag which is the oppenents asteroid/supply base.

Total war: Just that. Scores of units, ether induvidualy or as teams combat each other. The winner it the one who is still standing. Note: This is the one favored by the various streetgangs who use the place to conduct turf battles in the vitual insted of in the real world.

The Asteroid Conflict: A campaign game detailing the conflicts between a number of warring nations over the Naka asteroid belt. Combining the elements of Capture the flag and total war the players take the place of mechajocks from ether side and must work they way up from ensigns as they try to survive the conflict.

The Last Starfighter(s):
Another campaign game. Based on the movie of the same name this one has Ryosian VM units taking on the Kodan armada (and their VM units) time and time again along the fronteer. And yes death blossom VM units are allowed (if you can afford it).

Arena greated by Gary T. Washington


BDM's is a VM arcade set deep in an unnamed american city run by millti-millonare computer programer, animation studio head, and one of VM major figures Mohamand "Big Daddy Mecha Lewis, and his wife Miyo Takuboku-Lewis. Set deep in an unnamed east cost american city it's one of the it's most popular palces (despite it's location) and serves a vaired clientel of kids, teenagers, and adults. Taking up an entire city block it's numerous VM units are state-or-the-art and the arcade is connected to others worldwide so players here can combat others from other contries. It also serving as a place where the cities various streetgangs settle their differnces (turf or otherwise) in VM combats, insted of in the real world.