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 Down in the canyon, Chiisai switched systems from the gun to matter shields.

A crate had appeared on his scope as well. With Rotten busy hiding, and that Stuka being stuck in the air...this one is all mine. He grinned and started clomping toward his prize.
Several turns later the ground started to rubmle. "Hey Jaired, whats going on out there?" he called.
"Volcano is starting to smoke. Don't worry I think it's only special effects."
"OK" Aha! There was the crate as he approached it, the casing faded away and a lightning bolt appeared "Weapons Upgraded" the computer announced. All Right! Chiisai thought gleefully, Now I can do some Serious Damage!


"Give the man a prize. He is located at 500 meters behind you, skimming the ground. Shoot a bit low and you should have a better chance of nailing him."
"Right. Is there any way to patch your sensor feed over to me?"
"Not while I'm digging myself out, there isn't"
"Well, I can always hope can't I?"
"Get set up, he's at 250 and closing."
"I'm already hidden under an overhang - "
"Careful, that's how I got here"
"DUH! I know that, as I was going to say, near the edge, so if it does fall, I'll not catch more than a few chunks."
"100 meters right in front of you, about.....5 meters up"

With the power-up, Chiisais strike was devastating. Deathpanzers shields sucked up as much as they could and died.
The rest of the strike was absorbed by the armor. Inside the tank Ronnie saw his power spike right in to the red."Warning: battery at 95%, Warning: shield down. Warning: Cloak failure".
Ronnie returned fire, bleeding off some of the accumulated power through his Hammerbeam. The beams area attack virtually guranteed a hit, and the rock shelf didn't blow out... it evaporated.
Chiisai shot again at its now-visible target, hitting a tread unit and mangling a section of it.
Inside the panzer, Ronnie slaved his power module and main gun together, and his next shot was lost in an explosion.

These are the most frequent Power Ups found on the VM arenas.

This listing shows all powerups (P-Ups for short) used on the arenas included on this suplement. This listing complements the particular descriptions found on each arena; for example, the KWI ray is routinely placed on any arena including SD meks, and The Infamous Bomb can be found on most arenas. The listed table is, however, for reference purposes only; almost any P-Up could jump out appearing on any Arena (or NOT appearing!) any day the programmers feel funny...

Most P-Ups that work as a weapon have a WAof +3, just 'cause it's fun to use them and it would be a pitty to miss the roll, wouldn't be? Most P-Ups last for a limited time; if none is listed on the the P-Up time or it would not be apropiate (certain P-ups last untill their effects are cancelled or used up), assume that they last until the GM thinks it is fun for the to end!

Air Strike: Same as the Artillery Attack below, but it is instead two planes dropping 2d10 bombs of 2 to 20 K, all with Blast 1 and Incendiary, falling on the hex designated by the gamer (he must have LOS to the target) using standard deviation rules (using the Int+Tactics+1d10 vs Diff 25 as an attack roll). The strike comes 1 turn after it is called. Note that the target may have a chance of destroying the planes the turn they arrive... The Russian Front only.

Alien plant : Makes your video feed act wierd. All the shadows turn into bright fractal sets, the color map gets inverted, melee weapons leave trails behind them like in Toshinden, stuff like that. On the Strawberry Flavored Penguin.

Anole (Life is like an anole): +2 INT bonus. On the Strawberry Flavored Penguin.

Artillery Attack: the gamer can make a far-out artillery piece or Biggunz ship to attack a position he designates on the map. The exact size of the salvo is not of the gamer's wish, however; it ranges from 1 to 10 rounds of 2 to 200 K (1d10x2, if another 1d10 rolls a '10' the damage is upscaled!) with a Blast Radius (scaled, of course) of 1d6/2. The salvo falls with a acuraccy of gamer's Int+Tactics+1d10 vs Diff 25; for each point of diference betwen the roll and the diff, the salvo deviates 1/10 of the distance betwen the gamer and the intended target on a random direction (remember, if the salvo were to fall BEHIND the gamer, it hits him instead!). All the rounds after the first scatter from the point of impact using 1d10 on the MZ pag 97 table. The attack comes 1d6 turns after it is called. The Russian Front only.

Beam Swords: WA +3, 13K, 3K structure, 4 Spaces. Flooded City only.

Boosterpacks (a.k.a. SpeedUp): Disposable 50/50 boosterpacks with balance verniers, on all arenas where there is fligth. On most Dogfighting / Space arenas.

Costumes: VM-sized costumes. All take two consecutive Actions to slip into/outta them. They fool computer oponents, but they won't fool any player; so, most have a negative Cool modifier -they just plain look SO silly...) Some have asociated modifiers:

  • Monster Costume: Kaijus do not attack you, -1 Cool. On the Jungle.
  • Rabbit costume: Ninja Leaping of 4 (with the Conditional Movement of only being able of jumping straight forward!), Mega Heavy sensors w/ Radar (that HUGE ears), -3 Cool. On the Wonderland
  • Skunk Costume: NO ONE can enter a 5-hex radius centered on the mecha. -3 Cool. On the Wonderland.

Cream Pie: If Thrown (at WA +3), the hit VM will lose a level of Sensors (as if jammed by EW). WARNING: once these P-ups are used, they tend to appear on LARGE numbers... On the Wonderland.

Damage Enhancer: all weapons do rated damage x1.5. On the Core, the Day at the Beach, the Domino Death City, the Killing Moon and the Strawberry Flavored Penguin.

Ear-And-Brows-Grower: Limited (it lasts until you drop it) Stealth and full-options (but for Combat) Cloack. On the Space Battle, maybe on others.

"Eat me/Drink me": As in Alice on Wonderland, anyone using these P-Ups (which DO need a Head servo to be used) will either grow one Scale or become a SD 1/10 character.. both permanently (or until reverted by the inverse P-Up). Of course, they are NOT like on the book; the exact effect of each one are changed randomly each game. On the Wonderland.

Enviromental Protection: For those which do not have it. On any arena needing a spetial environ.

Flight (various MAs): VM gains increased Flight MA added to its original one, if any. remember than MAs of 7 and lesser are jumpjetting, and 8 and above are full-blown flight. On all basically Dogfighting or Space arenas. Also on the Core, the Day at the Beach, the Domino Death City, the Killing Moon and the Strawberry Flavored Penguin.

Giant Ameoba: Material Absorption - anything absorbed when it runs out stays, but counts double for filling disk space. On the Strawberry Flavored Penguin.

Goomer/Shmoe/Iggy (White peanut shaped thing with two black eyes.): Morphable Mecha, anything you can think of for a little while. Risk getting stuck that way if you're not close to normal form when it runs out. On the Strawberry Flavored Penguin.

Gunbuster Option: VM scales to x100 Scale for TWO Turns.This has the side effect of removing the color mapping of both the player's visual representation and of his VM avatar's for as long as the powerup is on effect. On the Space Battle.

Hat Critters: They transform via Modular Metaform on Command Armor for the Head servo of the same level than said servo. On the Strawberry Flavored Penguin.

Holy Hand Grenade: Erradicates any bug and/or Killer Rabbit on LOS. Obviously, WA is not aplicable... On the Bug Hunt and the Wonderland.

IFF codes: They make the computer-controlled units of the same IFF code not to fire at you EXCEPT to answering fire (other units would not join). On the Jungle.

The Infamous Bomb: 8K, WA +3, range 0, blast 3, AP, Disruptor, Kinetic, Nucleonic [SFX: Megabeam], Fused (fixed at 1 turn) missile. On almost all arenas.

KWI Ray, a.k.a. 'Hello Kitty' Gun: WA +3, range 10, target switchs betwen SD and normal. On all arenas where there are SDs.

Map of the Labyrinth: Just that. Just there.

Ninja Leap: VM can leap an additional five hexes, acting as it's normal movement action. On the Core, the Day at the Beach, the Domino Death City, the Killing Moon and the Strawberry Flavored Penguin.

Phasing: VM can walk through interior walls and is immune to physical attacks, but cannot make any (weapons just pass through harmlessly) and takes double damage from energy weapon. On the Core, the Day at the Beach, the Domino Death City, the Killing Moon and the Strawberry Flavored Penguin.

Pinball Mode: This powerup affects ALL players in the arena, not just the person who found it, for its entire duration. When active, anything hitting anything else will bounce away again at the same speed..and so will what they hit, if it is movable. Physics? We don' neeeeeed no steenkin' physics! Damge is reduced to 1/10 with a maximum of 1K, but applied for all impacts... On the Domino death, the Killing Moon and the Strawberry Flavored Penguin.

Reload Weapons: All weapons with limited shots get reset to maximum capacity. On the Core, the Day at the Beach, the Domino Death City, the Killing Moon and the Strawberry Flavored Penguin, maybe on others.

Repair: Instant fix up to 1/2 of the mecha's Kills, can restore destroyed systems/servos. On the Core, the Day at the Beach, the Domino Death City and the Strawberry Flavored Penguin, maybe on others.

Shield of Armandhammer: 20SP ablabative force (reactive) field. On the Bug Hunt.

The Sledgehammer: 20K, WA -2, Melee Weapon w/ SFX: 2 Turns in Use, Kinetic, Dimensional Storage. Present on all Arenas where there are SDs, and even others!

Spaghetti Dish: If Thrown (at WA +3), this works as an Tangler attack of 5K. On the Wonderland.

Super Repair: Acts as usual Repair above plus TL 10 Regeneration for a while. On the Strawberry Flavored Penguin.

Super-Sensors: Detects ALL units on the game, for as long as the P-up is in effect. On the Jungle.

Tunneling: As per the SMT of the same tame, allows a VM to bore through rock at 1/2 MA and makes the VM undetectable if it goes more than 1 hex deep but for ASPs and gravity Lens. On the Jungle and some others.

Umbrellchute: Re-entry Ballute + mecha 'chute. Apt for only one use. Dif 30 Cool roll to avoid start singing along old Mary poppins songs while falling holding an umbrella. On the Wonderland.

V-Max: 2 round turbocharger, delayed trigger, but doesn't drain your powerplant like the designed-in kind of V-Max... 'cuz it's a powerup. On the Strawberry Flavored Penguin and maybe some others.

Wall-crawl: VM can move at 3/4 its ground MA on vertical surfaces or even inverted, but needs to make a Piloting roll to jump anywhere except to the normal floor.


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