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The Space Battle
A Virtual Mekton Arena

This is a real simple one. A big chunk of space. The "War Zone" strechs for a sphere of about 300 Km diameter, outside it there is simulated, totally empty space to fly into for up to a full AU before being transportated to the other end of the map, back on the way to the center (so you can run but not quite forever). The "War Zone" is full, bristling with opposing warships, they are mostly "prop" ones but for Big Mom (the ship the players/s come from, she's a Mega Heavy unit (with all servo spaces sacrified for extra kills and all systems crammed inside by efficience) with Mega Heavy Gamma scaled armor and a 1500 SP reset 0 shield enveloping a 7500 Ablative one, with another 11 wing and tail servos to take damage and bristling with antimecha weapons, (no capital weapons, but she stays outta trouble, anyway), so don't worry losing it..but if you manage to lose her, you're an instant gonner!

There is a Big Mom for each player or group of allied players (spaced outside each other's weapon range if not friendly, of course, and is the ship you have to return to in order to reload/refuel/repair your mecha or ending the game as a survivor.The Big Mom's repair bays work as if the mecha inside were TL 10 Regenerating Techno-organics.

Space VikingOn the space there are lots of ships (usually 10 of x100 Scale, maybe some ones of x10 Scale -look at the Starblade carriers!)of all makes and models, and each time one of these gets blown up, another random one comes from Hyperspace, so the battle rages on. Most ships are taken directly from popular Anime and Sci-Fi movies (NO, the Death Star is another BIG NO-NO!) (so this is the moment for the GM to dust all the various sourcebooks' big ships and his own designs), but there are instances on wich the programmers get filing funny and throw things like the original Enterprise, complete with complement of WWII F4F Wildcat Navy figthers, pirate sailing ships firing full broadsides andthrowing anchors so her mecha can use ropes to board another ones, or on two particular ocasions, a SD Greek trirreme propelled by rowing Meks at the oars and catapulting rocks and pitch away while ramming, and a Viking longship full of VM-sized berserks, complete with beards and horned helmets... fortunatelly, this are REALLY rare instances.

All those ships are figthing each other for all they are worth, GM's choice of simply handweaving it with an ocasional "another ship blows up" or actually rolling dice. All the carriers come with mecha, usually they take the "avatar" form of the standard mecha or figther of their setting (yes, Viking mecha were Concealed!), but all are Humanoid or Figther forms with 1d10+12 and 1d10+10 skills, MS servos and armor, Hot powerplants, Fligth MA of 8 or 16, and one 4K beam gun. They do not appear from the nothing, but their number is restricted by the number of ships. If a carrier get's killed, all her mecha disengange, but generally another one comes very soon..(1d6/2 Turns)

This arena is for the players to have the chance of dodging flack and suit cover while making a torpedo run at a hulking behemoth if they so wish (x10 Scale, 200K, WA +2, Seeking 2 Skill 15 torps efficienced to 4 Spaces are available on the Big Mom, they can be placed on a QCM on a single Turn or on a WM on a minute's notice -but remember, NO HAND-HELD MISSILES!!), or just plain to give them a chance of figthing on a diferent environment. They have Nuclear, 150K, Blast 10, 10 Kills, Range 0, Fused satchels if they wanna play rough (and look at the extreme blast force of these funny x10 Scale satchels.. and getting caugth on your own nuke's blast is the SUMMUM of incompetence! on the eyes of your peers. You Have Been Warned.

Notice two things: first, you don't /need/ Space Protection to figth on space, only the guts to cope with the penalties (the VM program assumes you to be wearing a cool Military Spacesuit from MZ rulebook, but the -2 to every action remains), and second, fligth is a biiiig must. To help with this, the Big Mom offers free mechariders. Sort of. This ones are built as HS Torsos with HS armor, have a Fligth Gravitic MA of 8, are Space Protected and Weigth Ineficient, have a Hot (so they blow better taking you with them) Undercharged Powerplant (don't bother calculating MP, they use the controlling Mecha's), full Stealth, Active & Beam, Pulse and Magnetic Regract cloack -which BTW doesn't include the controlling mecha, so its only effect is to make the Mecharider almost imposible of being targeted independently -blast radiuses are another matter :) and to make it invisible so not to screw the perfect VM design look of the player, have a MV of -4 and a weigth of 15 Tn (so they can haul up to 75 Tn of mecha). Yes, they are only props for the players which want (or /need/) them to use.

Games most frecuently played on this arena:
- Team Battles. 'Nuff said. Points are given based on the number of oponent team's mecha and ships blown up.
- Fleet Batles. Same, but all players share side.
- Free-For-All. Points are given based on how much time you stay alive on such a hostile environment like a full fleat firing each other and at you.
- Battleship torpedo Run. Both for Team Battles (each other's Big Mom), for Fleet Batles (they win if they take the designated ship, ALL ships are hostile) and for FFA games (on these wins he who gives the killing blow).

- Free EM & Space Protection. For those which do not have it.
- Speed-Up. 50/50, QCM-ed external Boosterpacks w/ maneuver verniers
- The Infamous Bomb. Lotsa them.
- Ear-And-Brows-Grower. Limited (it lasts until you drop it) Stealth and full-options (but for Combat) Cloack.
- Gunbuster Option: your mecha scales to x100 Scale for TWO Turns.This has the side effect of removing the color mapping of both the player's visual representation and of his VM avatar's for as long as the powerup is on effect. :) There is only one of these, and is rumored to be "inside" a big battleship -and notice this, Nukes blow the Power-Ups off..

Arena crated by LITTLE LOCUS