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The Art of Virtual Mekton

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VM Page 3: Miscelaneous art

s_artic_fox.jpg s_desert_fox.jpg s_bulldog.jpg s_husky.jpg
Dog Soldiers #1: Arctic Fox
(AVI, 4 sec, 1,502,208 bytes)
Dog Soldiers #2:Desert Fox
(AVI, 5 sec, 2,444,288 bytes)
Dog Soldiers #3: Bulldog
(AVI, 3.5 sec, 1,685,504 bytes)
Dog Soldiers #4: Husky
(AVI, 3.5 sec, 2,002,432 bytes)

    VM Miscellaneous stuff: Mailny background illustrations.

strawberryt.jpg kkt.jpg suprcnrdt.jpg COMBT.JPG
SFP Powerups At Domino City
At the Killing Moon
Alex at work
airpeakst.JPG centereartht.jpg 20000t.JPG Spaceviket.JPG
At the Air Peaks
At the Center of the Earth
At the 20,000 Leagues
At the Space Battle
podfront.gif podback.gif halftranst.jpg air_modet.jpg
Not-cora half transformed
Air Mode Not-cora
The Game Pods
The Skiffdress


VM The discrded art: We used many non-original material, mainly collaged pics, as reference of how our characters and mecha would look before actually making our own drawings. Below are the discarded ones; the not-original pics we are not using anymore since we got our own, original pics. Look at them and laugh! (This gallery is kept as a document of "the making of VM"; so, it will not be included on the definitive work. Have fun!)

old Isami cora.gifclrcorat.jpg auzziet.jpg akiramotot.jpg ALEXICS.JPG
Isami looked like Sailor Mercury Cora was based on a Mekton I mecha This was our first
draft of Auzzie
The joke of Akira on Kaneda's body was TOO good to let it pass First color try of Alex. Too light a
hair for a ninja?

hawkert.jpg TeleporterAccidentt.JPG MechaSquidt.JPG

First try of the hawker, without the drone Never teleport with a squid! And think how would be the poor little cute squid feeling!

All images remain property of their respective authors. Particularly, the discarded pics should be noted that all of these are copyrighted material and any usage of said material except for satiric intent is strictly disallowed.

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