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  ryoushin-tono-kankeiRelating to your parents VM  

-"What do you mean 'You aren't spending any time with your family' - we're arguing now.... doesn't that count?" Overheard near an arcade.

- "First you have all of the chores done, then there was the fresh coffee, the car is washed and waxed....just what are you up to?"


Your overall relationship with tyour parents is determined by three related items: Family Status, RWP, and Parental Rep (PR). For starting characters your PR is equal to your RWP stat. When asking your parents for a favor, your roll is RWP + PR +1d10 vs the difficulty of the task (set by the GM). Bribes of chocolate, pizza, extra work (before they ask), or anything else that caters to their... vices could result in positive modifiers (nope, a Bribe skill roll won't work here). Note that while PR can be negative, it cannot go higher than 10.

Whenever your PR is lower than your Fam/Money stat, your parents generally look down on your behavior as being beneath the family honor (+5 to all diff. when dealing with parents). If your PR ever goes negative...well, the results are never pretty. See the table below marked "BAD PR".

The other thing your PR affects is how much money you get for an allowance. Average the lower of your RWP or PR stat with your money/family stat and multiply the result by 10. If that is not enough to cover your expenses, there are several fine fast food establishments that would be more than happy to compensate you Y100 for a week's worth of work.

How to determine PR: Parental Rep fluctuates wildly over the course of a single game. Most of the things that affect it are, well, negative. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however. Any week that you successfully complete your Family objective you can improve your PR by your RWP stat times a modifier based on the priority you gave your family.

PR Modifiers
Action (or lack of it) PR variation
Talking back to parents
-3 for each parent involved
Talk back to teacher
-2 per teacher
Get home late (late for dinner late)
Get home LATE (after cufew late)
Wild party at home
Get caught at wild party
Damage family vehicle
Fail a class
-6 per class
Get an F on a test
-4 per F
Get a D on a test
Caught tormenting sibling
Bad language
Traffic ticket
Skip chores
-1 flagrente delicto w/ boy/girlfriend (*)
-M&F stat (*)
Win a VM tourney
+1 (-1 if PR is less than M&F stat)
Win a Major VM Tourney
+2 (-2 if PR is less than M&F stat)
Complete a Priority A family goal
+(RWP x 2)
Complete a priority B family goal
+(RWP x 1.5) round down
Complete a priority C family goal
Complete a priority D family goal
+ 1/2 RWP (min 1)
Complete a priority E family goal

(*): Sexist discrimination could make this loss to be double for female characters (GM's choice). Certain people do not change their obsolete viewpoints, not even on the XXI Century...

What happens when you have Bad PR?

Bad PR Consequence
Lectured (and "Quality Time" will be required)
Loss of allowance
Grounded for the day
Grounded for a week (no phone)
Grounded indefinitley (No TV, No phone)
and lower
Grounded indefinitley (as above and you lose your
VM gear (Roll PR vs diff 20 to get it back)

These effects are cumulative. If you are grounded you lose your allowance and get lectured.

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