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kyarakutaaCharacters VM

Chiisai hated waiting. He showed up early in the vain hope that Jaired Grey, slacker extrordinaire (in his opinion) would be ready to go to The Arena.
"Hey, keep it down, this apartment isn't that big - go upstairs and talk to him" Melissa Grey admonished him. Chiisai only smiled at her as he dashed up the stairs.
Without missing a beat Chiisai rounded the stair corner an barged right into Jaireds room "What's taking you so long - get caught in the cables again?"
Jaired didn't even look up from the computer screen " No Baka, I'm just finishing compiling my VM - made some changes last night and they didn't take fully.".
"Let's see it then"
"Naw, I'll let it suprise you - just before I blow you into random pixels"
"Now it's your turn to be stupid - today is the doubles tournement at the arena, you know, the one where WE are going to team up and Blow the other guys to tomorow and beyond?"

"C'mon let's get out of here" "Ya, ya I know..and finished" Zipping up his bag Jaired Looked at Chiisais comfortable form "race ya to the Bikes " he challenged and bolted slamming the door behind him.
The two boys thundered down the stairs "Can you two possibly make any more noise?" Mrs. Grey asked as they flew past.
"Why, yes I could" answered Chiisai as he flashed past " would you like me to try?"
"No thank you - you be back before ten, young man" she warned her son "Or Else." "Yes Mom" came the call back. Mrs. Grey shook her head and chuckled, The youth of today.

Character game sheets submitted to date:

pureiyaa-kyarakutaashujinkou Starting PCs

pureiyaa-kyarakutaaketsubutsu Advanced PCs


ippanjinVM The crowd at the VRcade

akuyakuVM Bad guys

raibaruVM Rivals

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