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vm-rogoThe VM Logo VM
Virtual Z Mekton

On this page there is proudly exhibited the heading title for the VIRTUAL MEKTON cover. Title made by (by alphabeticall order) CristalDrgon, LITTLE LOCUS, Star Ranger, TAZ and Tsuneo Tateno with the feedback of the rest of the VMML Crew.

Virtual Z Mekton Logo

Also there is, right above this lines and as the background, our brand-new VM LOGO. Logo made by the same people so we won't repeat ourselves :)

This section also contains a copy of all the drafts for the yet-to-be-made VM cover that were submited to the VMML, so our artists can see them thogether and get their inspiration. For the very nature of its purpose, that page is rather graphics-heavy. Be patient.

For the VM project, we need:

  1. A fancy heading for the cover with the words "Virtual Mekton" (and now we have it! look at it above of the page!)
  2. A VM logo able to be used as a patch (ditto!)
  3. A proper cover for the book. Our current project.

The authors of all these images retain the ownership of them, of course. If anyone wants to help us at theVMML with a fancy design better than the ones we have, be our guest! Just drop us a mail before sending us a 1MB pic :)

By now, this page grew so big that it had to be divided into three sections: the drafts for the heading page ,the drafts for the logo and other material page and the drafts for the cover page.

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