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This page contains a copy of all the drafts for VM logo that were submited to the VMML. You can see the actual logo right below and as the background of the pages.

Since we no longer need to have all the pics together at full size, the pics have been thumbnailed (click on the smaller pic to get the full-size version), but even so, patience during the loading is advised! =P

The authors of all these images retain the ownership of them, of course. If anyone wants to help us at theVMML with a fancy logo better than the ones we have, be our guest! Just drop us a mail before sending us a 1MB pic :)

The logo, by CD
Virtual Mekton Logo

Logo and horizontal divider by CD

vmbattlest.jpg vmlinet.gif

Logo by TAZ


Divider by Tsuneo Tateno


Logo by Star Ranger


Draft of round patch by LL


VRMLs by TAZ. If you don't have the right plug-in to see them, search for SGI's Cosmo Player. Microsoft has one they now bundle with IE. And, TAZ's favorite is Blaxxun's CCPro. ( These are all freebies.

King-size logo with humbly version of his own computer self by CD on a fit of modesty


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