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meka-dezainMecha VM

The screen says "Insert mecha data cartridge."
This is it, your biggest test. The code that you wrote is as bug-free as you can determine, and it's time to find out if the price you paid in lost sleep and poor homework assignments is worth it. You slot the cart-ridge and your Virtual Mek-ton is brought up on the screen, every flat surface and every fractally-render-ed curve exquisitely perf-ect. Your weapons glitter with deadly purpose, your armor's shine bespeaks its ability to refract and scatter even the most powerful of weapons.
You click the 'accept' but-ton. It's time for your new war machine's baptism by fire.
The words float onto your screen as your cockpit displays come up:


Your Virtual Mekton pod closes with a hydraulic hiss.
You flip your helmet's visor closed.
You take a deep breath.
You plant your feet firmly on the walking pedals
You clench your hands tighter around the joysticks
The doors open in front of you.
You shove the joysticks forward as the catapult hurls you into the air. . . and towards your destiny!

Mecha submitted to date:

pc-yunittoVM PC Units

  1. Archon
  2. Big Mean Boogie Machine
  3. Bruce
  4. Cora
  5. Edge
  6. Gatillo
  7. Illumina
  8. Kindjal
  9. Long-Shih
  10. Mad Cow
  11. Maginot
  12. Pathbreaker
  13. WindWalker

npc-yunittoVM NPC Units

  1. Black Ghost
  2. Bomberjack
  3. Brightstar MK VII
  4. D6 Platform
  5. DeathPanzer
  6. Excalibur RTR-5-RX
  7. Fast Taker
  8. Fubuki
  9. Great Dragon
  10. Helldiver
  11. King Conan
  1. Madagef
  2. Mega Smasher
  3. Silent Knight
  4. Terrible Oni Garguan

By spetial request:

There is a link to a picture explain-ing the diferent parts of the VM HTML sheet we're using.
example.jpg (117K)

Please note, this doesn't actually explain the layout of a Mekton Z mek sheet, but the layout of its links.

VM CPU unitskonpyuuta-yunitto

  1. CPB Trooper
  2. Grunt Unit #1
  3. Grunt Unit #2
  4. GSB Armor
  5. Rika (*)

kisei-yunittoVM Pre-made units

  1. Bayroll
  2. Brutus
  3. Firechild
  4. Gallant
  5. Gaucho
  6. Heimdall
  7. Maginot
  8. Stock Chasis
  9. Thunder
To see more Pre-Made Mecha, take a look to The FNMF Tournment 's Wing; The mecha that were originally proposed on the MZML for the Fryday Night Mekton Fight.
(*) Yes, the NPC Rika is included as a CPU unit. Read her character description to know why!
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meka-dezainMecha VM

Mecha descriptions

The following are some relevant notes that apply to some of the VMs whose full ga-me sheets you can find on the following pages.

Movement notes: Hybrid can't walk, Human-oid can't move on water nor fly (restricted to us-ing the gravitics like a GES). Planned upgra-des: Sometimes, Jaired will use the Pathbreaker instead.

Planned upgrades
: There is an all-purpose but basically unimaginative 150 CP-rated off-the-shelf unit for newbies. Made using basic MZ we-apons and systems (plus interservo linkages) plus some touch from MZ+ to make it "salable" (i.e, a newbie w/out VMPL skills couldn't replicate it). Rocket pods are freely exchangeable by Rocket Launchers (basic MZ book). The weight efficien-ce is actually an example of bad design, since it doesn't modify the unit's MA and the CP used could have been used on enough thrusters to get the same MA; but the box of the thing says on big bright letters "Advanced weight reduction tech-nics used to give you more thrust with less code size!!!" nonetheless. ;)

Big Mean Boogie Machine
Rather than the usual bipedal arrangement, the BMBM has a single "leg" shaped basically like a pear, the "foot" being a ducted-fan hover system that keeps it a few feet off the ground. Before you yell "Not in MY game you don't, bub!", it also has a GES system with the same MA. Happy now? Since MZ is effects-based, and the hover-foot doesn't act any different from a normal foot if the GES is destroyed, could have left it out and saved CPs, but figured better safe than sorry. No, it does not hop. Ever. The BMBM glides on an air cushion, whether officially using the GES (and thus able to go up to a single hex off the ground at will) or "walking" (and thus confined to "normal" running/ jumping/etc.) Axes: The EMW effect is not an EMW as such, but rather holding the blade with arm extended and spinning rapidly in place, essentially a "combo move" that hits the opponent a buncha times, like a buzzsaw. With two of the bloody things, it's even more evil. But, it acts like an EMW, so it's built like an EMW. This is called "Gettin' Funky", and

plays a special disco mini-theme while it's hap-pening over the "general/exterior sounds" chan-nel. The activation phrase is "Boogie down, baby!", also played over the genral / exterior sounds channel. M00ssiles: The head of the VM looks like a moose with six points on each antler, which can be fired as missiles or anti-missiles. The activation phrase is "Bl00p!" The beam pistol normally rides in a holster on one side of the waist joint, while one or both axes can be stored on the back of the mecha to fre up a hand/hands to use it. Planned upgrades: Planned improvements to this boogie mo-sheen include a variety of Stupid Axe Tricks (rewrit-ing them as 1K or 2K 10:1 EMW mated to the normal axe, bigger damage for the normal axe, Thrown/Returning, Quick, Hyper, x-links), up-grading the GES to MA 7 Thrusters, slapping on a pair of wings, and coming up with a rang-ed energy weapon. The first thing to be added will be the axe x-link. Just don't let the M00se Illuminati know that I'm telling tales about their assault mecha, or I'm apt to be vanished. Also, Mustard is planning to develop a M-O-N-S-T-R-U-O-U-S version of it called Tax Collec-tor Boogie Machine, destined to teach "Rotten" a lesson...

Black Ghost
Planned upgrades
: Upgradding the Cloack to fool Mag Lenses, Stealth

Planned upgrades
: More bombs, with Blast Radius

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CPB Trooper

D6 Platform



Excalibur RTR-5-RX

Fast Taker







GSB Armor

Great Dragon

Grunt Unit #1

Grunt Unit #2






King Conan


Mad Cow



Mega Smasher





Silent Knight

Stock Chasis

Terrible Oni Garguan