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meka-dezainMecha VM

Mecha descriptions

The following are some relevant not-es that apply to some of the VMs whose full game sheets you can find on the following pages.

Movement notes: Hybrid can't walk, Humanoid can't move on water nor fly (res-tricted to using the gravitics like a GES). Planned upgrades: Sometimes, Jaired will use the Pathbreaker instead.

Planned upgrades
: There is an all-purp-ose but basically unimaginative 150 CP-rated off-the-shelf unit for newbies. Made us-ing basic MZ weapons and systems (plus in-terservo linkages) plus some touch from MZ+ to make it "salable" (i.e, a newbie w/ out VMPL skills couldn't replicate it). Roc-ket pods are freely exchangeable by Rocket Launchers (basic MZ book). The weight eff-icience is actually an example of bad des-ign, since it doesn't modify the unit's MA and the CP used could have been used on en-ough thrusters to get the same MA; but the box of the thing says on big bright letters "Advanced weight reduction technics used to give you more thrust with less code size!!!" nonetheless. ;) Market price of 40 credits.

Big Mean Boogie Machine
Rather than the usual bipedal arrangement, the BMBM has a single "leg" shaped basic-ally like a pear, the "foot" being a ducted-fan hover system that keeps it a few feet off the ground. Before you yell "Not in MY ga-me you don't, bub!", it also has a GES sys-tem with the same MA. Happy now? Since MZ is effects-based, and the hover-foot do-esn't act any different from a normal foot if the GES is destroyed, could have left it out and saved CPs, but figured better safe than sorry. No, it does not hop. Ever. The BMBM glides on an air cushion, whether of-ficially using the GES (and thus able to go up to a single hex off the ground at will) or "walking" (and thus confined to"normal" running/ jumping/ etc.) Axes: The EMW effect is not an EMW as such, but rather holding the blade with arm extended and spinning rapidly in place,essentially a

"combo move" that hits the opponent a bun-cha times, like a buzzsaw. With two of the bloody things, it's even more evil. But, it acts like an EMW,so it's built like an EMW. This is called "Gettin' Funky", and plays a special disco mini-theme while it's happening over the general/ exterior sounds channel. The activation phrase is "Boogie down, baby!", also played over the genreal/ exterior sounds channel. M00ssiles: The head of the VM looks like a moose with six points on each antler, which can be fired as missiles or anti-missiles. The activation phrase is "Bl00p!" The beam pistol normal-ly rides in a holster on one side of the waist joint, while one or both axes can be stored on the back of the mecha to fre up a hand/ hands to use it. Planned upgrades: Plan-ned improvements to this boogie mo-sheen include a variety of Stupid Axe Tricks (re-writing them as 1K or 2K 10:1 EMW mat-ted to the normal axe, bigger damage for the normal axe, Thrown/Returning, Quick, Hy-per, x-links), upgrading the GES to MA 7 Thrusters, and slapping on a pair of wing. The first thing to be added will be the axe x-link. Just don't let the M00se Illuminati know that I'm telling tales about their assa-ult mecha, or I'm apt to be vanished. Also, Mustard is planning to dev-elop a M-O-N-S-T-R-U-O-U-S version of it called Tax Coll-ector Boogie Machine, destined to teach "Rotten" a lesson...

Black Ghost
Planned upgrades
: Upgradding the Clo-ack to fool Mag Lenses, Stealth.

Planned upgrades
: More bombs, with Blast Radius

Brightstar MK VII
This baby is just one (the number seven) of the many VMs that the VMA built for the use of Brightstar. It's meant as a streakingly fast and nimble unit, albeit with rather little on the way of punch -it's mainly a promot-ional design rather than a combat unit, after all, with a target analizer for the cockpit layout to look advanced when they show it, and autoshields and smart missiles to com-pensate for the pilot's lack of skill. ACE was added, despite Aiko's rather low skill,

for its use with that Deluxe VR Headset with the company's logo blazing on every square inch that she was issued when she signed when she signed; with the Deluxe kit and the ACE, her MP is +3 . Backup Stereo: they CAN'T afford it to fail; it's the MOST important system of the VM, after all...

Gravs only to avoid fall damage, mecha can't jump, fly on 0-G nor avoid sinking.

This is designed as a "heavy hitter" big, slow, clumsy, but when it connects... pain! Limited with its ammo, pilots are suggested to make good use of the area ef-fect ammo. Market price of 35 credits.

While technically the shields function in-dependently, Cora must drop BOTH shi-elds to fire (not just the Energy shield). Planned upgrades: For "heavy duty", Kojiro will use the powerful Armored Cora, a Command-Armor equiped version.

CPB Trooper
One of the worst-keept secrets of the VM universe is that "CPB" stands for "Crun-chy Peanut Butter", 'cause it is the sort of thing that gets eaten for breakfast on to-ast, and crunches when you bite it, for sure... perfect for the assigned role of Lowest Tier Cannon Fodder. The diff-erent color schemes would be used with different environmental protections. The full length view for Hydro, then from the top down Desert/hot, arctic, none (multi/ cp spent on Stealth or Silent Running), and Space. Planned upgrades: Sheer numbers. Not much to it, but they're a pain in the ass when you get nailed by a whole horde of 'em.

D6 Platform
"Legs" are built as Tail (Entangling) ser-vos, mecha can move per Leg-less Beast-form rules. Both Leg servos and leg Pin-cers can perform Entangling attacks. Planned upgrades: Maneuver verniers.

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meka-dezainMecha VM

Shield on the Front of Torso:
This represents the heavier front armor of the tank and uses the following "House rule". Any attack which draws its LOS through the front hexside is automaticaly parried by the shield if the attack strikes the MB. It cannot parry attacks coming from any other hex (Except above) Planned upgrades: EBG (Even Bigger Guns) after meeting the PC's mecha equipated with reactive shields.

Planned upgrades
: Ranged only force-field, Jumpjets.

Excalibur RTR-5-RX
This is the most recent VM used by legen-dary champion Kyozo Iwazaki. It was crea-ted especially for a match between Kyozo and the abusive boyfriend of his "imouto," Aiko Maeda. Kyozo won the match, and was able to force Aiko's boyfriend to stay away from her. Excalibur RTR-5-RX is (as is suggested by the designation) Kyozo's fifth mecha design, following his Fire Bat mecha (FIR-4-BT).

Fast Taker
"The Loquacious" seems to be a strong part-idary of the "you only need a weapon, if it's the correct one" design theory. At least, his VM (which on one strange talkative lapsus he admited was named after an old Manowar song), is built along these lines. Planned upgrades: Substituding a +2 WA, all oth-er stats identical, proyectile weapon for the GUN and using more ammo clips, like AP, Scatershot, Disruptor, BR...

The Firechild is intended as an example of a starter mecha, with a reasonable level of combat effectivenesss but lots of room for improvement, and an eyecathing avatar of a woman with a snake's tail instead of legs and more snakes for hair. It's the kind of thing on the machines for use in Arcade Mo-de, or that you could buy premade from the arcade or third parties to start playing Cam-paign Mode. The remotes are designed to look like the hood and head of a cobra, the hood having the "helicopter" ducted thrust units and the open mouth serving as the gun muzzle, the cables looking like the

snake bodies. There are many more snakes attatched to the head, but are just part of the avatar design.

Fubuki(means "Blizzard") is a monster VM created by Maki Akanezawa. She gave this to Johnny MacLean, an Ruben Leechman Academy student who want to revenge to "Rotten" Ronnie. Maki wanted to get the heart of wealthy handsome boy by helping him. But it was 3R's trap to steal Maki's VM design techniques. Fubuki looks like a rotating Snow Crystal that levitate with strange humming sounds (like a Lightsaber on StarWars). After its Command Armor destroyed, a huge Crystal Ball with a glow-ing red core appears. This is the true form of the VM. Fubuki will be extremely dead-ly VM even in a hand of a beginners. This is Maki's secret VM developed to defeat not-orious Helldiver. The combination of layer-ed Reactive Shields and heaviest Command Armors can withstand fullscale attack of ace pilots. "Rotten" and his men will rampage over VRcades throughout the Geocity. Fubuki has some "design flaws". Maki est-imate that the Fubuki will withstand a bat-tle (enough for Johnny's revenge), but if it is used without continuous bug-fixes and maintainance, it will cause serious malfunc-tion in critical moment (Only gods knows what will happen). Planned upgrades: None... If THEY had chance to do it, you'll be doomed. It seems Maki wanted to give Fubuki "Matter Only" Reactive Shield and an EMW with Attack Factor 5, but she co-uldn't (the VM was still "Under Construc-tion" when it was stolen).

Planned upgrades
: Decrease Reset Time of Reactive Shield. Adding ACE(+100%), upgrade Reflector to QV=10. Maki wanted to give it Stealth feature, as a tradition of KOTW VMs. But she found it is useless be-cause its flaming body easily spotted from a few Km away. Instead, it seems Maki think-ing about giving Fuuga and Leon's VM a Combiner trick. But a lots of technical pro-blems prevent her from doing it.

Another VM on the market, a fairly balanced design with no real strengths or weaknesses.

Market cost of 35 credits.

Combined portfolios:
"Attack 2" to transfer 2+2 power points per turn to the main portfolios to power the reactive shi-elds. Planned upgrades: an Hybrid (Fligth MA 18, MV -5) variant.


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Market price of 40 credits

GSB Armor

Great Dragon

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Silent Knight

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