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Some More Game Ideas

Slay the Dragon

The Star Kingdom is being menaced by a terrible astro-dragon! You must defeat it before it kills everyone.


Bring your fastest ground-only mek, and leeeeeeeeets get ready to race!


It's a post apocalyptic road trip, and your job is to keep the Wasters from robbing the annual supply run to Lost Angeles.

Bread and Circuses

It's melee and thrown weapons only as you fight viscious beasts and your fellow mekators for the amusement of your Emperor.


(Translation: "It is a good day for someone else to die!")


It's March 15, and the aliens have invaded. Oddly, they only seem to fly in grids of ten by five, and all perfoprm the same maneuver at the same time.
Oh well... they explode just the same. Man the city defences and blow them out of the sky... because if they get too close, they drop the mecha, and they DON'T all act stupid and alike.


It's time for the annual sports and clubs exposition put on by all Geocity's high schools. Go outside and be sociable, for once, while you compete or man one of the booths.

The Siege of Fort Agron

A four-level team arena and OVA

Teaser blurb (what the characters get told a week ahead of time):

Get in the pod for this one, and you'd better have brought some friends... You've got to make atmospheric entry, lay seige to a fortress, clean out its (demonic /alien /evil, take your pick) inhabitants, and stop their mad leader Agron from destroying the world! Space and Reentry protection will be provided for those mecha not incorporating it in their designs.

General description:

Level One (space/airborne):

A little rendered movie is shown, with a space battleship launching little dots, that fly toward the camera. They rapidly get closer, revealing the players' mecha riding on little mini-space-shuttle-like reentry sleds. Each player is treated to a closeup glamour shot of themselves zooming past the camera, while the soundtrack they've picked for "High Drama" is played. Next, the scene cuts to wings of the fighters they're about to engage, looking nice and sinister, with the "Enemy" soundtrack. Return to a camera close to the original one, that shows the shoals of enemy fighters coming up from the planet to meet the players...

This level is standard arcade fare: get past the baddies, kill as many as you can. The reentry sleds move at MA 15 (Down or sideways only, though) and have an MV of -4. They are equipped with a 8K energy weapon, a 4K BV3 projectile weapon with 40 shots, and four 20K missiles. they each have 32K, and a 6K reactive shield, which they can shoot out of. If your reentry pod is reduced to 0 kills it is NOT destroyed, only damaged enough that your mecha will arrive on the ground with only 2/3 of its kills intact. The pods cannot be totally destroyed, as they are required for moving on in the game.

The enemy fighters are of two types: Light ones that have 10K, MA 18, MV -4, and a 8K BV 3 gun, and Heavy ones that have 16K, MA 12, MV -5 and a 12K BV2 gun. There is one Heavy and four Lights for each player mecha.

The playing field is 600 hexes deep and as wide and long as needed, the enemies can't go below this point but remember: the reentry sleds can only go DOWN or SIDEWAYS, NEVER back "up". Once a player gets below this area, the option of pausing (for bathroom breaks, quick Dew refill, etc.) while the rest of the players catch up is given and the next level intro is played.

Level Two (the siege):

The rendered intro for this level begins with the players' mecha in their little pods zooming out of a rubble-strewn area and towards the planet, then shows each player their mech, still kneeling on the sled, as they start reentry. bright red streamers lick around the sleds, and a radio hail is heard. (I know, I know, this is unrealistic, but maybe it's something not blocked by reentry ionisation effects. Hyperwave or something.) However the comm windows are handled, one pops open showing a bridge bunny (or bridge stud if that pilot indicates they'd rather look at hunky guys) who tells them good work clearing an orbit for the ship, now they have to make a safe zone for the Big Nasty Siege Cannon to be landed to breach the fortress gate. He or she then wishes them good luck and ends the message, and the camera lets the pod fall away from it to a sparkle of light.

The players all land together on a rolling field, dotted with the occaisional bush or tree. The fortress they've been sent to take out is visible in the distance, it looks like the techno-castle from later apisodes of Lion Voltron with a drawbridge on the front and the central spire moved to a corner. The reentry pods are at the starting point of this level, and if the player has any missiles left, up to two of them can be pulled out and handled like a LAW rocket, assuming they have hands and a place to stow any normally handheld weapons. The oppostion on this level is eight mechs and eight pillboxes, which have to be cleared out before the My God That's A Big Gun can be landed safely. Note: adjust the numbers as you see fit if the players are particularly weak, strong, few, or numerous. That's what a GM is for, after all.

The enemy mechs are big and well armed, but clunky as all get-out, if you trip one it'll probably not be able to climb back to its feet before you have time to kill it. They each have 35K, a pack of five 4K missiles on each shoulder, and 8K cross-linked beam guns on each arm instead of hands. They have MA 4 and MV -6, and are very tipsy, not to mention ugly. Ugggly with a capital "UGH!"

The pillboxes have 6K BV5 guns, whose in-game appearance is a constant stream of little packets, like the bottomless machineguns of WWII movies. The gun is behind partial cover, as is the user, a mecha-size demon/alien/badguymecha with a level 3 AI. If the shooter is killed but the gun is intact, they can be used by the players, but they can't be dismounted and carried. The pillboxes should also have a supply depot, figure it to be a Repair and a Rearm Weapons powerup for each player. Other powerups can be found behind trees or in bushes if the GM likes them, if not then it'll just be a little trickier to beat this level.

Once the mechs and pills have been killed, the option to pause is again given, then the Level Three intro is played.

Level Three (indoor/urban):

The same bridge bunny from the Level Two intro comes back, again commending the players for their success and saying that the Super Destrutionvax Omnibullet Lobber is on its way, while the main view shows a beeeg reentry pod coming through the lower part of the atmosphere. After the red flares die down the outer shell burts apart and parachutes deploy to slow the cargo (revealed as a truly stupendous gun) to a soft landing. The chutes are cut loose and blow araw as the gun powers up, vairous lights and glowing panels lighting up. Cut to the castle, where three seriously nasty tanks have just rolled over the drawbridge, which raises closed. Back to the gun, which flares up a bit (Energy bulge! Kazowie!) and fires a bright white-edged-with-purple Utter-destructo-ray that reduces everything to blue glare and black silhouettes. The shot sails over the three tanks, which melt into the ground anyway, and then spatters against the gate for a second or two before bursting it inwards and shutting down. The player mecha are shown running towards the fort, while the bridge bunny urges them foreward to victory.

Note: whether the repair/reload powerups in the pillboxes were found or not, all players should start this level with topped off weapons and 50% of their total kills restored. If they didn't find the powerups, assume that supplies and a fast tech crew were sent down with the Quantum Osciallating Megahelix Blaster.

This is your classic "Goldeneye" shooter, where the players are trying to penetrate a facility and the inhabitants are trying to kill them for it. In this case, the inhabitants are demons/aliens/mecha-clad baddies with 16K each, and either a 6K rifle or a 4K BV2 pistol and 6K sword, with the pistol/sword wielders being commanders. Regular troops have IA4, comanders IA5, all of them have MA 4 jumpjets. If the mecha-clad baddies route is being taken, presumably anyone without the mecha has the sense to have run away, or got charbroiled by the Bloody Huge Firearm. GMs should improvise a maze for the players to fight through, with powerups as desired to spice up the action or save the hour (or not), arranging things so that the players are around half strength again before they reach the end and the door to Level Four.

Level Four (indoor/urban):

This is it, the big finish! The movie starts after the players beat whatever guards have been put on the door to this level and form up to face it. It shows the doors opening, and a bunch of officer units with a special paintjob coning through, taking our heros captive in the face of their obviously overwhelming power. They take the players up a spiraling staircase around a huge cylindrical doodad with a drill on the bottom, held in a gantry in the lower part of the main spire of the castle. About midway up the spire, they come outside onto a large control balcony, and are kept at one corner with the gaurds in the other corner and Agron himself, in a regal looking mecha and deep purple cape, in front of a big control panel. Beside the control panel is another staircase up the outside of the tower, vanishing around the side away from the players. Agron congratulates them on their battle prowess, adding that it would take him years to assemble as great a force as they have just defeated again... but all for naught. They are too late, he is about to activate his World Heartworm and escape in his personal starship, gesturing at the staircase beside him. At this point, he is interrupted by a Blatomatron Overkiller Deluxe ray (like the one used on the gate) stabbing vertically down from the sky and vaping most of the gaurds on their end of the balcony. The bridge bunny from earlier pops up in a comm window, saying that they managed to open a gap in the planetary beam shield for a few seconds, but the players are on their own again. Agron, who was thrown to the ground by the force of the attack, gets up as the "movie" ends and the players are free to act again. He leaps to the controls while his remaining guards (one for each player, there were a LOT of guards) try to keep the players at bay while he works.

Each guard has IA5, a 4K BV2 pistol, a 6K sword, MA4 jumpjets, 20 Kills, and SP 6 armor. Agron himself has IA7, a 8K EMW sword, a 4K BV3 pistol, and can throw little balls of darkness from his palm. The little balls of darkness are SFX weapons that blind the opponent's sensors for 1d6 rounds on a called shot to the head. If they hit anywhere else, they do nothing but turn the servo flat black for 1d6 rounds. Agron will be almost finished messing with his controls when someone finishes off his guard, leaving a Big, Red, Candy-like Button flashing on one part of the panel. (Note: The control panel is indestructible, as is the rest of the balcony. Sorry, guys.)

If no one pesters Agron when they have the chance (unless they're helping a teammate about to get their lugnuts handed to them) Agron will push said red button and flee up the staircase, leaving the players with ten actions to chase him or consider the error of their ways. At the end of that time, the top of the spire will split open and a rocket will take off, while the Planetary Heartworm in the lower part of the spire digs into the ground at ferocious speed. It digs until it reaches lava, then explodes... cut to view from outer space. Agron's rocket zooms past the camera, Agron laughing inside, as bright red cracks form on the planet below. They spread as a glowing dome expands from their origin, then the whole shebang goes up like a pinata stuffed with gunpowder. You lose, game over, 50% of the rank points earned to this point in the mission dissappear.

Assuming that the players do engage Agron before he has a chance to finsish the startup sequence, they will probably end up killing him. If someone pushes the big red button anyway, they can escape the bang in his rocket, the ending movie similar to what's described above except that instead of Agron laughing, the bridge bunny will call and say that the mission was unsuccessful, but at least Agron was stopped before he could destroy any more planets. No rank penalty except to the button pusher.

If all goes off smoothly, the bridge bunny will pop up and congratulate them profusely, then tell them that the captain wants to speak to them. The captain will also congratualate them, announce any rises in rankings, and tell them that a shuttle is coming to retrieve them, and they are all invited to dine at his table at dinner.

Final Notes:

Any player who pushes the Big, Red, Candy-like Button and starts the world destroyer device gets -100 rank points (Ow!!!) and +3 Rep. After all, how many VM pilots have an entire planet on their kill sheet?

Each opponent destroyed should be worth two or three rank points, assuming we're using the system I posted a while back. Agron's personal guards should be worth an extra point or two, Agron himself an extra four or five. Points go to whoever makes the final hit, as judged by the arena computer. This is a big fight, it's entirely possible that some or all players will go up a rank, unless disaster strikes.

The arena can also be used for team versus battles, with the doomsday device sitting idle as a bit of funky scenery.

A proposal: either players bring their own soundtrack CD and enter tracks into a dialog to set their play prefs, or they can choose from frequently-updated music at the arcade. For the price of a normal music cd, they can get one custom-burned with their favorite tracks (even multi-session! This is ... (dramatic fanfare) THE FUTURE!) and have their prefeneces from the last game already in the VMA pilot database.

Wow, this was a long one... Indeed, it was. What do you think of it?

OVA created by CrystalDrogn