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Freedoms Price

An OVA for Virtual Mekton

This is a fairly linear OVA, I didn't have the inclination to do all of the If's soooo...

Special rules in effect: players can be killed twice before being OUT of the OVA 2 teams needed (suggest 2 teams of 3) no SD power-ups.

Part I: the Island City

(Note that there are independant team briefings)

Team 1:

An individual wishes to defect to our nation with vital tech information. Forces of the Police State were alerted to our extraction by a (now-in-custody) Traitor. You are to retreive the defector. you support for this will be a force of (x) (whatever the GM thinks is OK for his group) CPB Is

Team 2:

Terrorists are trying to kidnap a respected VIP. The terrorist group has been making threats for some time and they are making their move - Stop Them! support will be a force of (2/3 of team 1s) CPB IIs.

Setting info

A straightfoward city fight - primary opposition should be the other sides CPB units, the teams (if at all possible) should only be able to get off a few potshots at each other.


Both teams are shown a scene where an elderly gent is being bundled into a vehicle. Team 1 sees a willing gent. Team 2 sees a bound and gagged gent struggling. the van roars off passing a sign marked platform 7 lock 3.

Part II The Jungle

Team 1:

Thanks to your efforts he ahs been freed of the police state - our operatives got him out while the battle raged. The Police State fears the knowledge he has has fallen into the wrong hands, so as a preventative measure they had him bugged. We did not discover the bug in time to prevent an airstrike in one of our foward bases. The airstrike took out our primary fire control, to make matters worse the Police State made a lightweb assault on the base computers. the net result is that all weapons are on Autocontrol and will shoot anything that moves - be wary of ground forces as well.

Mission: your mission is to buy time for a base evacuation (15 - 20 turns) you are to break contact after being signalled to do so. A small force of CPB IIs will assist.

Good Luck.

Team 2:

The terrorsts have snuck out the VIP - despite your outstanding efforts - during the battle. They stole a police van and escaped via a mini sub - we have tracked them a base deep in the Golden Triangle. We hit the base with prepratory airstrike, but instead of getting facilities, we hit a drug cache. Thanks to the efforts of our "fine" pilots the whole area was covered in drugs, and we have the local armies shooting everthing that moves( or for that matter anything that /doesn't/)

Mission: we think there is a convoy of terrorists trying to escape, capture them. do NOT destroy them. The local governments have authorized us to perform a search and rescue and realize the state their forces are in. Return fire if fired upon. You will be supported by a force of (x) CPB Is. Remember that time is of the essence.

Setting info:

Welcome to the jungle arena. Try not to get hurt.

Interlude IIa: convoy escapes

Everyone sees the base get blown to itty-bitty bits, cut to a convoy appraoching a concealed airstrip. Team I sees the man board the plane. Team II see the man drugged and hauled aboard unconcious.

Interlude IIb: the convoy is caught.

Airstrikes and CPBs hit the jungle. Cut to a convoy trundling along. The convoy gets ambushed by the PCs and a few of the support force. A short visual battle ensues before the convoy surrenders. The vehicles are searched and a Non-Com calls out "He's not Here". Cut to a sampan floating toward an undistinguished city.

At this time the players will be given a 15 minute break to take care of whatever they want (munchies, bathroom etc etc)

Part III: Pursuit

Team 1:

We got the defector out of our foward base before it fell, so our luck seems to be holding -barely. We need you to escort the aircraft he is on to our arctic base. There will be 2 CPB Is supporting (note: nonflyers will be provided a mecharider)

Mission: escort the aircraft and keep it from being taken down

Team 2:

We are not having any luck against these terrorists. We have intercepted transmissions that indicate they are moving him north to their headquarters - cripple the aircraft, but do NOT destroy it. 3 CPB IIs will support you. (note: non-flyers will be given mechariders)

Mission: cripple the aircraft.


Air combat. 'nnuff said there. Note: this is a set up. if the PCs don't down the aircraft (big large slow target) one of the CPB IIs will.

Part IV: the russian front! Rescue the defector/VIP

Team 1:

Everyone sees the plane go down with an escape pod launched and a radio transmission is heard: "Rescue our comarade" and garbage as the plane slips into a fog bank.

Team 2:

Same as team 1


The russian front. bring warm socks.

Another break for the players to eat.

Part V: The siege

Team 1:

We are under attack by the forces of the Police state, if they can be stopped then think the UN can reign them in under some kind of control. your support will be a mixed bag of CPB I & IIs

Mission: stop the other team from breaking through.

Team 2:

We have located their home base. This is your chance to strike a mighty blow for justice and honor. Your job is to break through their front line defenses. Supporting you will be a combined strike force of CPB I & II units.

Mission: break through the defenses.


Golden Darkness stage.

There will be a total of 20 VMs in this for both sides(including PCs) about 3/4 way through the battle team one will get a call to break off (or if team 2 manages to get past team 1) because of an intruder alert. move directly to the last phase

Part VI: Final warfare.

Location: the core.

Mission: destroy the opposition.

If team 1 wins:

Thanks to the efforts of these noble fighters, a major figure was liberated from opression. This means knowledge has proven,once and for all, that life in the police state is nothing more than a country run by domestic terrorism, controlled by brainwashed pilots. Cut to UN Chamber: The vote is carried to remove the illegal government of the Police State. If the Police State does not turn over its power to civillian authority then full military sanction will be implemented.

If team 2 wins:

Thanks to these individuals of the Thin Blue Line, we have once again rolled back a wave of terrorism and kidnapping. Last night, these pilots participated in a raid of the terrorist headquarters, capturing or killing the majority of their controlling network - crippling this organizations ability to further its dark aims. Cut to a ticker tape parade with the VMs walking along and waving.

Roll credits.

Note if either team gets FULLY eliminated then cut to the final scene.

OVA created by Kencyr