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  VR Gear VM  

Regular VM pods come with ultrasound sensors to keep track of the pilot's position and movements. They were mean to be a tool for "pilot's avatar rendering" (so you can look as if wearing the cool spacesuit you want on other player's vidcoms), but eventually a witty kid just found a way of using them for other things...

Still, the pod's sensors and screens are limited. To make the most of the spiffy Virtual or Reflex controls you just coded, you need HARDWARE!!





And what about these TC links that are rumored to exist??

Well, you WON'T expect to find them on a toys catalog... won't you?






Deluxe VR set with image amplification

A fine adition for any self-conscious VM player, [+1 Cool] this sets includes a full Data helmet (Tm) [actually a set of VR glasses, headphones and throath mike], available on many sizes and models, each looking like a famous real aircraft or Anime mecha show helmet, fully customizable with included colors and adhesives, and a pair of form-fitting Datagloves [single size fits all] with full tactile simulation. The kit also includes a belt-worn processing unit which allows the owner to programate the gloves to simulate any combination of virtual joystick buttons and triggers, head switches, consoles or ANYTHING out of the very air!

This wonderful set will allow you for real faster reactions [a +1 to MP, added before multipliers] piloting your VM, and its recomended cost is $300 at your local store. Expensive for a kid, but affordable as a gift. Cheaper Chiba-made versions -only Cool bonuses -are available at $166.66. This particular model shown in the photo includes a powerful image amplification device (warning: usage for a prolongated time can cause transient vertigo. Not for children under age 10) and is a bargain at only $333.33, taxes and mail order cost included.

Order now to:
L.L.& Co
Buenavista, 11, 9-B


This, much cheaper, version of VR gear is just that; the headgear, without any gloves nor aditional stuff. Still, without the equipment, Virtual Control can't get MP bonus, and suffer -2 penalty to Awareness/Notice using VN's Sensor. to use this function. It costs 9800yen(about $80.00). Not a cheap buy for highschool kids, do you? Note that Goggle/Grass are fragle like actual grasses, so it could be broken in afterschool-streetfighting...


To make good use of the reflex control equipment, you need to use a special pod, or else, use a VR datasuit with tracking devices on the articulations, or a set of datagloves (including that of the VR Deluxe Kit) at the very least. With the datasuit, you get to add the Reflex bonus to Initiative, added to MP. Without not even the datagloves, the pilot suffers the same problem as virtual controls without googles.

On most VRcades there are available datagloves for use, but most people don't like the feeling of someone else's sweat on the hands... There are available disposable glove linings at ¢50 apiece, or you can buy your own gloves. A simple set of datagloves costs $80. Once again, expensive for a kid... how good a child you were last Christmas?

Most datasuits are one-size-fits-all jumpsuits that look like pilotsuits on Anime (imagine pilotsuits of Amuro on Gundam, or Hikaru on Macross). Most VRcades have at least a couple of them, but really dedicated VM gamers can buy their own. Wearing a suit shows how much of a maniac on VM you are, since it looks that you came from Halloween party or Comike. The suit cost 24000yen (about $200.00). It's recommended to use the Laundry Service of VM company, at least once in a while. I mean, your heroine will never feel good for the smell of the-suit-that-have-never-washed-since-last-Christmas. The Laundry costs 480yen($4.00) and a day.

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