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CREDITS: or, "Who are the guys who are making this"

(listed alphabetically so there is no special order)

VM Adam D
VM Albert Liu
VM Andrew Dynon
VM Carlos Nuñez
VM Chris Conkle
VM Chris Duke
VM Christina M.

VM CrystalDrogn
VM Dataweaver
VM Drashi Kendrup
VM Gary T.
VM Geoff Heald
VM Isabel Gutierrez
VM Javier Rivera
VM Keko
VM Kencyr
VM Kyn MacGowan
VM Little Locus
VM Katie Berger
VM Robert Holland
VM Ron Keller
VM Ryounei
VM Star Ranger
VM Talos
VM Todd A. Zircher
VM Tsuneo Tateno

Plus any other I may have forgot to name!



This is the web site of the Virtual Mekton Mailing List,
dedicated to the elaboration of the VIRTUAL MEKTON
supplement for the Mekton Z game. This web site serves
as the on-line source for the VM Gamebook.

VM Table of Contents:mokuji
o Rulebookruurubukku
o Players' Bookpureiyaa-you-ruuru
o Gamemaster's Bookgeemumasutaa-you-ruuru
o Props

VM Rulebook:ruurubukku

VM Players' Book:pureiyaa-you-ruuru

VM Gamemaster's Book:geemumasutaa-you-ruuru

VM Props kodougu
(Wouldn't be a complete game without them, would it?)

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