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Kojiro Battou
Virtual Mekton Character Sheet 
NAME: Kojiro "Chiisai" Battou















Young Hotshot and MTB Kamikaze
Run MA
A Leap
Tech Ability
Move Allowance
Body Type
Money & Family
Relations W/ Par
P. Rep
WEAPON  WA  RANGE  Shots  Damage  BV  Conc  Wt.  Cost 
Bokken (wooden katana)
VR gear    
 2 VM disks    
 HD-GT Velo Glide Bicycle    
 Vm Piloting +6     
 VM Melee +6     
 VM Gunnery +5     
 VM Fighting +2     
 VM Missiles +1     
 Expert: tactics +7     
 VM Programming
 Driving (bicycle)
 Jury Rig
 Resist Torture (bomb-proof liver)
 First Aid 
 Language: English
 Language: Japanese
 Play: Guitar
Hand to Hand
The VRcade was full today. Kojiro was patiently waiting on the VRcade queue. He was scheduled to fight the next turn. Beside him was his prospective rival, some kid he didn't know.

"What kind of VM do you have?", asked him the guy. "I pilot a custom-made VM rated 250, the 'Red Devil'. By the way, call me Iceman".

"You can call me Chiisai. I fly a custom, too, Cora, rated 227", said him.

"Can I take a peek or do you wanna it to be a surprise?", said Iceman holding a hardcopy of his VM's specs. Both kind of things, sharing info about the mecha or zealously hidding it, were fairly common on this kind of impromptu duels.

"Sure", said him, taking it and handing the other kid a hardcopy of his own Cora. He quickly perused the info. Fast mecha. Light armor but excellent maneuverability. Weapons only fairly powerful but highly acurate, a nice array indeed. Sleek appearance, a stylized humanoid with a tail. A reaction time that was incredible and an advanced actuator electronics routine that he wanted to take his hands on. It looked like a dream of a VM to pilot.

Some muffled chokes coming from Iceman interrupted him. He raised his head and saw the other kid's expresion as he checked and double-checked the code size figures. "Yo... you coded *WHAT*?!?! Are you sure this adds to only 227 info blocks?"

"Sure, it does", interrupted him Maki. "Everybody keeps asking him that and slowing the queue instead of entering the pod. Are you two gonna play or not?"

Iceman looked at the loooooong queue behind him, then at the VM pod, then again at the queue, then finally at the hardcopy he had on his hands.
Physical Description: 

Nationality: Japanese Age: 16 Gender: Male 
Height: 5'6" Weight: 103# Kg Hair: Short Straight Black. Eyes: Brown, Glasses

Alternating wildly between "Intellectual, friendly" and "Silly, too-witty-for-his-own-good"

Jenny, Isa, Auzzie, Jaired
His Ozaky complex (*) makes him think of his Cora as a friend rather than a VM, too.
Braddock. He also doesn't like the members of the RLA VM team.

Father: Tenshi and Mother: Hongoko, both run a counsellory office
Pest Small Brother: Fo Battou, 12 years, always looking for trouble for his brother to wind into.

Personal History: 

Kojiro, best known as "Chiisai", is a Japanese schoolboy who looks a bit of a wild card: he had problems since he refused to wear his school's uniform (or any other kind of uniform), but also was one of his school's delegates; refused to play ball or sports with other kids as a child, but got into fights (which he never started) to defend smaller kids from bullies and gangs, even with his meager strength; and he got into BIG trouble when told a teacher who was cheating with his grade tests to get stuffed, but also got into BIG trouble when he told another, bigot teacher who was cheating on a foreigner classmate's grade tests to get stuffed, with mothballs.

He's very pale, almost white, very lean, almost skeletal, and wears black always. This makes for a somewhat scary look at night, but the shiny blue mountain bike (with a Harley-Davidson logo) he rides at all times (even parking it between real H-Ds, without a shadow of shame) totally screws that look. He is (or can eventually become) a skilled mechanic, but the treatment he gives to his bike each time he can is too severe; so, his VM pals can hear it approaching the VM Arcade from afar.

Outside the VM pod, Chiisai is known for never starting a fight but never stepping outside one once started. He never starts these fights... just tends to wind up in them. (Given his admittedly small skill, he's won a suprisingly large amount of these unimportant kids fights). To him, however, the only real important fights are the ones to defend his kid brother...for these, he holds back nothing, and will use whatever is needed to win. (Don't mess with this guys family...BAD IDEA). Inside the VM pod, Chiisai is known for ALWAYS starting the fights and NEVER remaining on one he can't win - fleeing and attacking again when he wills - until only one remains. This behavior contrast sharply with his normal self, to the point some of his friends are concerned with dual-personality problems.

He's not the best VM pilot around (although he's rather good), but he compensates with his excellent tactical skill, always knowing where to situate his white-cougar spotted VM (which, besides, is a wonderful urban cammo pattern) for best effect. He's a competent VM programer and much, much better designer than most of his better-piloting friends. He's particularly good on "aces high", dogfighting arenas. He loves to ride VMs as much as he loves riding his bike.

His current VM design is "Cora", but he rarely gets to pilot her. Usually, his rivals complaint, "There is NO WAY for me of damaging this 8P&%$*_* thing!". "There is", he uses to answer (but obviously not telling how it is), but many pilots refuse to fight against this design unless forced to do so. Chiisai then uses to say, "Well, then I'll take a copy of YOUR mecha". Some friends of him think he really built Cora to have a chance of piloting all these different VMs!

Right now, he's uninvolved, but he's planning to change that from the very moment he knew Isami. She's still too young, but he's very patient.

Quote: "HO KA HEY!" (Indian war cry)

- This character is peculiar on that he's got the usual number of points on stats and skills interchanged! If used as a PC, player is advised to remember that so many skills still have a low stat to be based on...
- "Ozaky complex: Tendency to refer to inanimate objects, mainly vehicles, as if they were a living friend or relative. See Leona, Bonaparte" (from the 1999 edition of "Animeciclopediae vol. 15: Osaka-SDF")

"Yes, I wanna play, but, Chiisai, there's no way my VM can even harm that monstruosity of yours! It won't be fair!" The kid's voice was painful.

That was what Kojiro had been waiting. "No trouble, Iceman. You have a really nice VM design. I'm not really too attached to mine", he lied, managing to keep a straight face -not a small trick. "Do you have any trouble if I take a copy?", asked with a delightful bright on his eyes.

Maki silently sighed (years of expertice helped her to hide it) and slotted the Red Devil disk on the master drive. Goddess, that Kojiro kid was always with the same thing...

Velo Glide 1
Velo Glide 2
Autentic 1998 GT-Harley Davidson Velo Glide mountain bike. Limited 300 units series. A.R.C. system, Shimano Nexus Inter-4 grouping, Rock Shock Custom Quad 21 fork, chromed plug for the "fake" fuel tank , leather seat embroided with the HD logo. Available on four colors (but blue is perfect!) Of course, that one is Kojiro Battou's mountain bike.