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The guys who made these:

  • Crystaldrgon
  • David J. Rhode
  • Derek Andersen
  • Jeffrey William Fong Walker
  • Lord Jobe
  • Star Ranger
  • Steven Kruger
  • Talos


The FNMF Mecha

When Talos asked for ideas for the FNMF Tournment to the leading munchkins gearhead freaks of the MZML, he couldn't imagine the monsters he was about to spawn...

and even more, because several of the proposed designs he got were made by VM crewmen based on VM designs, and even more, all the designs were VM-compatible, we thougth it would be a shame to let them pass...

...besides, some of these are JUST PLAIN FUN...


Submitted Tournment Designs

  1. All-Destroying Turtle
  2. Big Mean Boggie Machine 200
  3. Cannoneer
  4. Maginot RQ
  5. Munchbird Battlepod
  6. Phantasm 1
  7. Pitufo Gruñon
    IMPORTANT NOTE: the Pitufo Gruñon mecha was a valid FNMF unit, but is NOT a valid Virtual Mekton design. Actually, this one is too munchk for ANY game other than the one it was desined for... :-)
  8. Tyr

All these meks ain't oficially used (by now!) ;-) by any VM character, but are a perfect choice for the GM to use as "instant rival VM".

Also, remember that any and all of the meks of the diverse RTG Mekton suplements can be validly used as pre-made VMs without need of any change.

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